Ace Backstage 125SLBK Rackwell Stage Pocket - Black

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The RackWell Stage Pocket supports design integration of rack-mountable digital snakes in the stage floor, where they can be easily accessed and used. On-stage connectivity is protected under the RackWell lid, while cables egress neatly through hinged cable exits onto the stage floor.

The RackWell Stage Pocket allows a variety of digital rack mounted products to be installed vertically in the stage floor, regardless of the product depth. Completely open under the rack rail for ventilation and flexibility of depth, an optional enclosure kit can encapsulate the under-floor portion if needed. Total capacity is 5ru.

With our top-mount bracket system, the RackWell can accommodate suitable equipment up to 5 rack spaces. Typical 2 or 3 space digital equipment installation allows for additional rack panel space inside the recessed Stage Pocket.

EQUIPMENT Accommodation:
Fixed and recessed rack rail placement accommodates rackable equipment with 4 inches of receptacle clearance when the RackWell lid is closed. Dual hinged cable exits on opposing ends of the lid pivot down to allow many cables to exit, or pivot flush to close all openings. A protective neoprene dust cover protects I/O when placed over installed equipment.

Engineered to resist bending even under severe stage load conditions, the 10ga RackWell lid/flange assembly, and 16ga pocket body, are die welded for strength, dimensional stability, and consistency.

The under floor pocket skirt is 10.25” wide to securely fit between typical floor joist framing. Cross- frame installation will require additional support equal to the floor loading requirements. The pocket mounting flange extends to stabilize the pocket, with 2-4 mounting screw positions on each side. Hinged with spring-loaded pins, the RackWell lid closes to rest flush on rubber lid stops that cradle and prevent lid rattle.

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