Ace Backstage 175SLBK Stage Pocket for Presonus NSB Stage Box and 1RU


Created in partnership with the PreSonus brand to support on-stage use, storage, and portability of NSB 16.8 or 8.8 Stage Box models.

This large, nesting Stage Pocket is sized to securely fit between typical floor joist framing and secure with typical ACE Backstage mounting screws for stability. Either the PreSonus NSB 8.8 or 16.8 Stage Box will slide in and out of the Stage Pocket Nesting Frame, allowing I/O cables to egress through the Hinged Cable Exits on the Lid and onto the stage floor. Stage box power can be accessed through provided access panels located on opposite ends of the Nesting Frame.

*SHOWN with Rack Mounted PreSonus NSB (NOT included).