Ace Backstage #43 Microphone Hanger Slug

Support Documentation:
Specsheet_Ace Backstage_43.pdf

The ACE Microphone Hanger Slug allows you to hang almost any microphone from a cable end and point it in any direction. The Microphone Hanger Slug permits a standard microphone stand mount clip to be attached near the end of a hanging cable and the microphone to be clipped in place. The cable is clamped to the slug with a cable tie allowing the cable above to come to a normal relaxed position. This permits the adjustment of the microphone side-to-side movements (yaw) by turning the microphone clip on the slug without twisting the cable above the slug... the microphone will stay exactly where it is pointed. The up-down movements (pitch) is accomplished by pivoting the microphone up or down at the clip pivot.

The Mic Hanger Slug is a handy, quick-fix item for sound reinforcement, recording, production, or broadcast engagements. The simple design of the ACE Microphone Hanger Slug makes it easy to install, use and break down. The Slug screws into many microphone stand mount clips and can even be left in the clip by simply disconnecting the microphone cable from the mic. This allows the user to keep his original location/direction of the microphone without the hassle of maneuvering it into position again.

  • Use for Choirs, Orchestras, Audiences, etc.
  • Two versions to work for either permanent or temporary settings
  • Quick and easy set-up and take-down of hanging microphones
  • Positive indexing side-to-side (yaw) and up and down (pitch)