Allen Products MM-3RDX-18 MultiMount 60-lb Indoor Speaker Ceiling Mount, Black

MSRP: $134.40
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MM-3RDX-18 is an adjustable ceiling mount designed for use with the StarGrid overhead speaker mounting system. It supports and aims cinema surround speakers surround speakers from overhead ceiling grids by way of a variety of tube extensions and adapters. Ceiling surrounds achieve up to 360 degrees of horizontal pan angle, up to 180 degrees of tilt angle and 180 degrees of roll adjustment.Tilt adjustments are made at the side of the speaker adapter plate, Pan-angle adjusting is made at the tube extension coupler and the roll feature is also adjusted between the mount and the tube extension.

The MM-3RDX-18 tube coupler provides a pathway for signal wire and a safety cable to pass through the tube extension to the terminal block. This makes for a cosmetically pleasing, safe and predictable method for installing ceiling speakers, especially for Atmos and Auro installations.

  • Structural steel alloy material
  • Powder coated finish
  • 60lbs maximum load
  • +/-90 degrees maximum tilt rotation
  • Indicators let installers set angles accurately
  • Independent pan, tilt and roll aiming gets perfect sound coverage
  • Adapts to standard schedule-40.5” pipe
  • Independent no drift, no memory locking
  • Shipping Weight : 2.72 kg (6 lbs)
  • Mount Type : Ceiling
  • Product Weight : 2.27 kg
  • Product Weight : 5 lbs
  • Color : Black
  • Maximum Load Capacity : 27.22 kg
  • Maximum Load Capacity : 60 lbs
  • Construction : Structural Steel Alloy
  • Tilt (Plus) : 90 degrees
  • Pan : 360 degrees
  • Tilt (Minus) : 90 degrees