Angry Audio C-Level Chameleon Audio Processor

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Like Having the Perfect Board Operator At Your Desk

Want to improve the sound of your operations? Make a big jump with the sound of your current processor dramatically by feeding it with the Chameleon C-LEVEL audio leveling processor.

Utilize the C-LEVEL as a pre-processor by inserting it between your mixing console and the OTA (over-the-air) processor and witness its amazing sound. You could say it's the equivalent to having the perfect board operator having all elements just right at every moment. C-LEVEL outputs a -24LUFS signal consistently that keeps your OTA processor running in the sweet spot.

Every OTA processor that Angry Audio tested sounds better with the C-LEVEL, but some are just shockingly strong. The biggest improvements have been made for affordable and older devices. Is your older processor still getting air time? Don't throw it out just yet. Just upgrade it by using the C-LEVEL. Your signal will sound cleaner, louder and more dynamic.

Like all Angry Audio Chameleon processors, the C-LEVEL adapts to the incoming signal. Every processing parameter is handled dynamically by the Chameleon expert software. Not only does this eliminate the complexity tied with other audio processors, but more importantly, it brings you the most transparent, natural sounding audio you'll ever need.

Angry Audio C-LEVEL Features

  • Chameleon Multi-Band Audio Processing Engine continually adjusts parameters to fit the audio
  • Transparent, levelling processor with consistent -24LUFS output
  • Processor Activity LEDs
  • Exclusive Headphone Amplifier circuitry will drive high or low impedance headphones
  • Output level calibration control
  • Choose one of three different density settings or bypass the processor
  • Premium, extended-life components
  • Stereo Analog inputs and outputs on XLR and StudioHUB+ connectors
  • AES/EBU inputs and outputs on StudioHUB+ connectors
  • Built-in power supply with 6FT power cord (no wall wart)
  • Select Analog or Digital inputs
  • Powder-coated steel enclosure
  • Analog input pass-through connector to feed other devices
  • Analog Input
    • Balanced +4dBu Stereo XLRF connectors
    • Balanced +4dBu Stereo RJ45F connector (StudioHub+ pinout)
  • Analog Through
    • Parallel to Analog Input (StudioHub+)
  • Analog Output
    • Balanced +4dBu Stereo XLRM connectors
    • Balanced +4dBu Stereo RJ45F connector (StudioHub+ includes +15VDC)
  • Digital Input
    • Transformer isolated, AES/EBU, RJ45F connector (StudioHub+)
    • ASRC, 44.1kHz to 48 kHz sampling rate
  • Digital Output
    • Transformer isolated, AES/EBU, 48kHz S/R, RJ45F connector (StudioHub+)
  • Power Input
    • 115VAC 50/60Hz (North American version)
  • Dimensions
    • 5 x 6.25 x 1.7 inches

Angry Audio C-LEVEL Downloads

Manual - As of 5/26/2023

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