Angry Audio Chameleon C4 Livestream Audio Processor

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Fix your broadcast and livestream levels precisely and consistently with the C4.

Do you have issues with loudness on your livestreams? You’re not alone. The process of getting consistent loudness can be challenging. In order to accomplish this, broadcasters use program audio processors. A program audio processor uses a combination of signal modifying tools to shape the sound and control loudness. The only downside to these products is that they are typically expensive, complex devices requiring expert setup and tuning.

Get to know the revolutionary Chameleon C4. With Chameleon, audio processing is completely reimagined. Based on artificial intelligence, Chameleon analyzes incoming audio and adjusts its parameters accordingly. The complexity of C4 is automated instead of being managed by a bazillion knobs and buttons. No need for that expert. Just hook it up, flip a few switches, and Chameleon gets right to work.

And the sound? Prepare to be amazed. C4 delivers the loudness, consistency, punch and clarity that will make your streams stand out from the rest. Chameleon has a very open and natural sound which preserves the character of the content. Whatever your format, rock, classical, country, pop, talk, news or sports, C4 gives everything that big bold professional sound that will grab your listeners right by the ears!

C4 is built for streaming audio. Put an end to the problem of blasting commercials and mumbling voices. Your programming will always sound consistent even with wildly disparate source material. C4 adapts and adjusts to the incoming content so that any format, any material sounds amazing. And C4 is fully compliant with the latest loudness standards from Apple, Amazon, Youtube and others.

Angry Audio C4 Features

  • Chameleon multi-band audio processing engine continually adjusts its parameters to fit the audio
  • Precision loudness controller lets you set a loudness target between -24LUFS and -14LUFs
  • Dual function LUFS/Level calibration control
  • Processor activity LEDS
  • Both 6.3mm and 3.5mm headphone jacks provided
  • Choose one of three different desnity settings or bypass the processor
  • Premium, extended-life components
  • Stereo analog inputs on XLR and StudioHub+ connectors
  • AES/EBU inputs and outputs on StudioHub+ connectors
  • Built-in power supply with 6FT power cord (no wall wart)
  • Select analog or digital inputs
  • enable/Disable precisions loudness controller
  • Stereo analog outputs on both XLR and StudioHub+ connectors. The StudioHub+ output delivers audio and power to compatible devices
  • Analog input pass-through connector to feed other devices
  • Powder-coated steel enclosure

Improving Church Streaming Quality

Here at, we believe the proof is in the actual use of equipment. The Angry Audio Chameleon C4 processor was interesting and unique enough to catch the eye of one of our team members who had it installed and tried it. The Chameleon C4 provides an interesting solution specifically for church live streams because of the variety of content in a stream and often both budget and usability are significant factors. At Lifespring Church Indiana we can see a significant improvement in both audio level and quality before and after the inclusion of the Chameleon C4.

Music and Worship before the C4

Music and Worship after the C4

Preaching before the C4

Preaching after the C4

Special Thanks to our customer Lifespring Church for using their use case as an example.

Angry Audio Chameleon C4 Downloads

Preliminary User Guide - As of 9-9-2022.

Product documents are provided as a courtesy and may not reflect the most up-to-date information. Please contact us for the most up-to-date information.

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