Angry Audio USB Audio Gizmo Sound Card Replacement

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Pure, Clean, and Balanced Audio

Anyone who uses computer audio has probably experienced the dreaded high-pitched whine that emerges from the background noise. Because it's digital, you might be thinking, "This is supposed to be perfect." But you can't fool your ears. What's that obnoxious whine about?

That annoying whistle is a sign of a ground loop between your computer's sound card and your audio equipment. It is particularly noticeable when the audio is unbalanced, which is a common feature on motherboards and sound cards. But balanced audio interfaces can also complain. Additionally, common ground loop suppression methods like ground lifting are ineffective.

Of course, swapping out the sound cards (and motherboard audio) for a USB interface is one way to solve the issue. It places the audio circuit outside of the computer’s internal noisy environment.

And even better if the audio is balanced. Surprisingly though, even on external USB interfaces, that digital whine may still be audible. Ground loop once more. Even the built-in USB interfaces on a number of pricey broadcast consoles have been experiencing the issue. How can the whining be stopped?

Angry Audio's USB Audio Gizmo is available in both Digital and Analog versions to cover your needs. The computer and audio circuitry's power, ground, and data lines were all designed to be galvanically isolated from one another. Simply put, a ground loop is impossible. This method is not used in low-cost USB interfaces because it is more expensive to build them. Numerous broadcasters Angry Audio spoke with said they would gladly pay a little bit more to solve the issue.

No external wall warts are required; the entire device is powered by the USB port on your computer. Deployment is thus incredibly simple. Connect to a USB port to get started. Even the USB cable is provided! Anywhere you need to enter or exit audio into or out of a computer, drop the USB Audio Gizmo. Since the device complies with its class, special drivers are not even necessary. Ready to go immediately after plugging it into your computer (Windows, MacOS, or Linux).

Angry Audio USB Audio GIZMO Features

  • Rugged, powder-coated steel chassis with convenient mounting tabs
  • Computer power, ground and data lines are galvanically isolated from audio circuitry
  • RJ45 audio ports use the StudioHub+ format. XLR Adapters included
  • Fully balanced inputs and outputs capable of +24dBU
  • Powered by your computer's USB port. USB cable included
  • Class compliant without drivers needed

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