Arrakis ARC-10U 10-Channel Unbalanced-Input Broadcast Console

MSRP: $1,799.00
(You save $100.00 )
Support Documentation:
Manual_Arrakis_ARC 10.pdf

The ARC-10U radio console is a general purpose console that meets the needs for most On Air Radio & Radio Production studio applications. Channels One & Two are high performance mic channels for on air talent with a guest. Channel ten is an advanced telephone interface to an external hybrid for Live callers or an Off-line contest call. Seven stereo line input channels easily handle the other audio sources, such as CD players, found in most studios. With 5 million operation, LED lighted, switches; long life faders; and electronic switching of all audio signal paths; the ARC-10 is a rugged, reliable, and versatile console for professional Radio studio applications.

Channels One & Two are Mic channels

Two mic channels are included on the ARC-10U to support a Host and Guest talk show in the main control room itself. The channel Two mic can also be remoted to a separate announce booth if desired.

Channels Three through Eight are Stereo Line level Channels

Channels 3-8 of the ARC-10U are stereo, unbalanced line level input channels appropriate for Consumer source devices like CD players, MP3 players, network feeds, etc. It features RCA phono connectors so that your sources simply plug into the console with standard off the shelf cables.

This model is ideal for studios where these sources are located locally in the studio itself. The balanced model (ARC-10BP)should be selected if some of these sources (such as a satellite feed) are originated in other studios where the wiring could be long and introduce hum & noise.

Telephone Channel on Channel Ten for Live On Air Talk or Off-line Contests

Channel ten is a dedicated telephone channel that easily connects to an external telephone hybrid. The caller can talk to you through the Cue system while a 'Push to Talk' button enables the Control Room mic to talk off-line to the caller. Just select the Air or Recording bus then turn the channel on. What could be easier?

Balanced, Unbalanced, & Digital outputs

Aconsole's audio outputs must support the many different types of signal chains & recorders in use today: (+)4dBu balanced XLR plugs, (-)10dBu unbalanced RCA plugs, Windows PC computers, etc.

The Main Program Output is BOTH Balanced & Unbalanced

For long signal runs to other rooms, the console Program output is provided on a +4dBu, balanced, XLR connector. For local connection to unbalanced consumer equipment, the console Program output also features a (-)10dBu RCA jack output.

Audition & Mono Mix Outputs are Unbalanced

Because the secondary Program outputs (Audition bus & mono outputs) are most typically used locally in the studio, these outputs are provided on (-)10dBu RCA jack outputs.

  • Extremely cost-effective professional Radio console!
  • Two stereo Program output mixes (with mono mixdowns)
  • Ten input source channels
  • Two high performance mic channels & optional 48V phantom power
  • Seven stereo unbalanced line channels
  • Optionally convert channel 9 to a PC computer sound card channel for Play & Record
  • One phone input channel for fast Live & Off-line telephone interface (hybrid required)
  • Real VU meters for on air monitoring, switch selectable between both Program outputs
  • Headphone system with stereo amp for 8 ohm (or Hi-Z) headphones
  • Cue-talkback system with built-in amplifier and speaker
  • Input channel logic for Remote channel on-off-tally and source start-stop
  • Provides monitor audio and logic for a Studio /Announce booth
  • Optional 16 x 3 stereo switcher for remote input select... handles large studio jobs