ART USB DI Project Series USB Digital to Analog Converter with Isolated Outputs

MSRP: $89.99
(You save $20.00 )

The USB DI Project Series is a high quality Digital to Analog Converter for connecting a computer to a stereo or PA system. It takes in USB audio, converts it to analog audio and then isolates the output using custom transformers. The output isolation is key to removing ground loops and other system noise between the digital and analog audio systems.

A large knob on the front panel allows quick, precise control over the output level. A separate headphone output allows you to monitor the system. The front panel Main Outputs switch allows you to keep the isolated outputs at a fixed level while controlling level of the Headphones output.

The line level XLR outputs are available for connecting to all sorts of systems. The Main outputs are always isolated but allow you to control the ground reference to reduce noise.>/p>

The USB DI Project Series is powered by USB, drawing less than 200mA and eliminating the need for an external power source.

∙            Stepped volume control for easy recall of your previous output settings

∙            Fixed or variable output switch for allowing control from the unit or the external sound system

∙            Balanced Transformer Isolated outputs with XLR connectors for a robust, clipped connection.

∙            USB 2.0 connection to the computer for maximum compatibility