Astatic 40-117 Portable Desk Base for Gooseneck Microphones

MSRP: $159.00
(You save $50.00 )

The 40-117 utility microphone base is designed to accept miniature gooseneck microphones with three-pin professional audio connectors.

The 40-117 features a specially compounded energy absorbing "shock mount" pad to decouple the base from sources of unwanted mechanical resonance, i.e. podiums, lecterns, tables, etc. This unit features a push button which can be used as a "push-to-talk" or "push-to-mute" depending on the status of the mode switch on the underside of the base. The LED illuminates when the microphone is active.

The circuit contains a highly reliable switch to operate a 55dB mute which will effectively kill audio output without causing a potentially damaging phantom power "thump" when used with electret type microphones.

The 40-117 is supplied with a rugged four conductor, two shielded seven foot cable terminated with a professional three pin male XLR type connector for balanced audio. The base is constructed of die cast zinc with a steel base plate.

  • Dimensions: 112.2 mm (4.42") wide x 138.8 mm (4.48") long x 42.7 mm (1.68") high
  • NET Weight: 925 grams (2.04 lbs.)
  • Switch: DPDT Push and DPDT Slide
  • Finish: Extremely durable, matte-black, urethane paint