ATM Flyware SAS-1WA-20 One-Way-Array Speaker Aiming and Suspension System, Black

MSRP: $268.80
(You save $53.76 )

The One-Way-Array™ is an easy use load-rated and off the shelf loudspeaker rigging and aiming system for single loudspeakers. It is ideal for aiming sound in left and right of house configurations and provides spot coverage where speakers cannot be wall mounted.

The top section of the One-Way-Array rigs from two overhead suspension points. The lower section supports the loudspeaker and rotates relative to the upper section horizontally. This gives the installer precise horizontal aiming of sound.

For precise vertical aiming, select from a wide variety of U-Brackets or choose the Steerables™ adjustable tilt cable kit system. Load rated shackles and eyebolts included in kit.

Typical venues include small to medium-sized theatres, churches, school auditoriums, gymnasiums, sport arenas, meeting halls and theme parks attractions.