Broadcast Tools AES Switcher Sentinel 4 XLR Web-based AES Switcher

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The AES Switcher Sentinel 4 XLR is a web-enabled, zero latency, transparent four input, one output switcher/router with mechanical latching relays designed to pass AES/EBU digital audio. The AES Switcher Sentinel 4 XLR is perfect for passive AES signal switching via front panel controls, web browser controls, contact closures, TCP commands, and SNMP.

When silence and/or out-of-phase audio is detected on the AES output it can automatically switch to a different AES input. The AES inputs/output feature XLR jacks. Switching is accomplished via mechanical latching gold contact relays, which means that the unit can route a signal in either direction or will keep routing signal even after losing power.

AES Switcher Sentinel 4 XLR can be configured and monitored locally and/or remotely over any IP network, including private networks, IP-based industrial control networks, and the Internet. Users can operate this product using a desktop web browser or web-enabled (HTML5) mobile device. App Store not required. Email notification may be configured to alert up to eight recipients when silence or out of phase audio is detected. SMTP username and passwords using SSL/TLS (Gmail etc.) or Base64 authentication are supported. SNMP traps and SET/GET are built in to allow multiple units to be monitored and configured with SNMP management software.



  • Built-in web server provides simple, web-based notification, monitoring, configuration, and control.
  • Front panel, remote, and web-based switcher controls.
  • Both AES output features silence sensor/phase monitor with front panel sample rate, activity, and alarm LED indicators.
  • TCP control command interface for automated control.
  • Email logging of system status, along with the site ID may be emailed in time spans from once an hour to once a day.
  • Email alarm notification may be configured to alert up to EIGHT recipients.
  • Support for STARTTLS secure SMTP authentication (Gmail.)
  • Zero latency, transparent signal switching via mechanical latching sealed relays utilizing 2-form-C bifurcated – crossbar silver alloy with gold overlay contacts.
  • Remote control via contact closures and 5-volt TTL/CMOS logic levels.
  • Four normally open dry contact closure outputs for remote channel status.
  • Neutrik XLR jacks for AES inputs and output.
  • Removable euro-block screw terminal connectors are used for remote control connections. Necessary mating plugs are supplied.
  • If power is lost, the last selected channel is passed to the output.
  • Fully RFI proofed.
  • Powered by a high-performance ARM® Cortex™ processor.
  • Includes PS-1515 +/-15VDC universal desktop power supply with IEC inlet.
  • Up to two units may be mounted on the optional RA-1 rack shelf. Desktop and wall mounting is also possible.


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