Clear-Com CC-40 Single-Ear Enclosed-Ear Intercom Headset

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The CC-40 single-ear and CC-60 double-ear headsets offer high sensitivity and a contoured frequency response for maximum intelligibility under high-noise conditions. The vocal range is emphasized so that critical production calls cut through easily. The ear cups are unsurpassed in their ability to isolate the wearer from high-SPL sound fields, making these headsets ideal for rock and roll production and other loud environments.

A completely sealed, rigid plastic outer ear cup blocks external sounds and prevents leakage of headphone output to the outside. A fitted ear cushion creates a comfortable yet soundproof seal over the ear. The double-ear version gives sufficient isolation to maintain understandable communications in an industrial or concert setting.

The noise-cancelling microphone is mounted on a durable yet flexible arm for full adjustment of mic-to-mouth distance. The arm provides 300 degrees of rotation, allowing the microphone to be positioned on the user's left or right side. Acoustic isolation between the microphone and the earpieces yields high gain before feedback. The CC-40 and CC-60 headsets are ideal for high-SPL concert and industrial communications, where high intelligibility and maximum isolation from external interference are required.


  • Completely sealed ear cups for maximum acoustic isolation
  • Single or double earpieces 
  • High sensitivity
  • Contoured frequency response for intelligibility in high-SPL environments
  • Cardioid noise-cancelling microphone
  • Durable, flexible mic boom arm
  • Rotatable boom for left- or right-side operation