Clear-Com ST-IC Station-Ic Virtual Client Subscription

$395.00 - $2,765.00

Station-IC™ is a desktop application available for Microsoft® Windows® and Apple®macOS® computers which enables them to operate as a virtual intercom client for Eclipse HX (EHX) matrix systems and LQ Series interfaces.

You can configure Station-IC as follows:

  • General Settings. This includes audio input and output devices such as microphones and loudspeakers. It also includes audio quality settings, notifications, links to licensing tools and data usage diagnostics.

  • Profiles. A profile is a collection of settings including user credentials, network address and port number, that enable you to connect with the required intercom host system. Profile settings must match corresponding settings in the host intercom system. Profiles are available for EHX and LQ.

Station-IC operates as a virtual intercom client to two Clear-Com systems.

  • Eclipse HX (EHX) matrix systems

  • LQ Series interfaces

The key display and operation is slightly different on the two systems.