DPA dscreet CORE 6060 Omni Submini Mic, Normal SPL

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3mm of Audio Perfection

CORE Subminiature Microphones are just three millimeters in size but pack the audio power of larger, award-winning DPA mics. What they lack in size, they more than make up for in clarity, consistency and durability - three qualities that really matter. 

Small but mighty lavalier

By shrinking CORE by DPA technology, they ensure you don't have to compromise on sound to focus on aesthetics. Precision engineering and minuscule optimizations of their capsule technology have created a subminiature that significantly outperforms all other mics in their class. The performance is fully comparable to the 5mm capsules. They have a lower noise floor than any other 3mm capsule on the market and fit to capture high sound pressure levels without distortion. The stainless steel housing of the mic features an all-metal detachable cap with a click function.

Tiny and more versatile

These lavaliers are often used as hidden mics, especially in TV, film and theater applications. By shrinking the amazing performance of CORE into a 3mm package, DPA has created solutions that support professional sound engineers across industries:

  • On theater stages, where crisp, clear DPA sound is hidden on the actors with a bodyworn mic
  • On high-profile film sets, where ever millimeter counts when hiding bodyworn mics on actors or as plant mics on the film stage
  • On the broadcast news or sound stage, where an unobstrusive lavalier mic allows viewers to focus on the speaker and the content

Placement and mounting depend on which application the mic is being used. In theater applications, these tiny mics can be concealed in the performer's hair, on the forehead or even in their clothing. In broadcast environments, the lavalier will typically be clipped to the speaker's clothing, usually on the tie, jacket or collar. To attach these bodyworn mics to the talent, a special rotatable clip has been designed. The 360-degree clip can be mounted in eight positions, chosen in 45-degree incremental steps. It allows easy placement on the talent and makes it quick and easy to change from left or right-buttoned shirts.

Advanced new mic design

Both the mic itself plus the cap are made of stainless steel and treated with a physical vapor deposition coating that makes it extremely durable: able to tolerate high temps, resilient against impacts and resistant to abrasion. The entire mic has a pleasant matte look due to the coating. The cable is often the weak spot on these types of mics, but DPA has opted to use the same size cable (1.6mm) and the same rugged cable relief as on their 5mm mics. The cables are extremely durable, do not become entangled and are equipped with an inner core made of Kevlar that withstands rough pulls.

  • Small footprint without sonic compromises
  • Metal housing - PVD coated
  • Durable cable relief
  • Kevlar enforced cable
  • Renowned DPA sound
  • Removable cap