Electro-Voice PC BOUNDARY Low-Profile Condenser Boundary Microphone

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The PC Boundary mic is a low-profile microphone that can be used with standard and automatic mic mixers. The PC Boundary mic is a member of the EV PolarChoiceTM series of multi-pattern microphones. The multi-pattern versatility of the PolarChoiceTM microphone makes it a true "problem solver." With one non-directional and three directional polar patterns available, PolarChoiceTM microphones are ideal for virtually any installation. Of particular interest is the figure-8 pattern that allows for miking opposite sides of a table with only one microphone, while dramatically reducing ambient noise.

The PC Boundary mic features a large, soft-touch mute button. The mute button can be configured for push-on/push-off, push-to-talk, or push-to-mute functions. Mute switch can be easily programmed without disassembling the microphone. The microphone can also be programmed live or muted when power is initially applied (when in toggle mode). Additionally, a switch on the bottom of the mic quickly converts the PC Boundary to automatic mixer mode. In this mode, audio is always on.


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