Electro-Voice RE20 Cardioid Dynamic Broadcast/Studio Microphone

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A favorite of broadcast show hosts and voice-over studios, the Electro-Voice RE20 Dynamic Broadcast Microphone offers a wide frequency response.

The Electro-Voice RE20 is a professional-quality dynamic cardioid microphone created specially for recording, broadcast and sound-reinforcement applications requiring essentially flat response over a very wide frequency range. The wide frequency response, coupled with excellent transient response, make the RE20 easily comparable to the finest condenser cardioid microphones and an easily operated bass tilt down switch corrects spectrum balance for use in longreach situations or other applications where bass attenuation is needed.

A true cardioid microphone, the RE20 offers greatest rejection at 180-degree off axis - directly to the rear of the microphone. Pattern control is so consistent that the frequency response is nearly independent of angular location of the sound source, creating virtually no off-axis coloration, yet providing greatest possible rejection of unwanted sounds. An integral blast and wind filter covers each acoustic opening on the RE20. In recording sessions or on stage, singers can "close talk" the microphone, singing with their lips almost touching the grille screen with no worry of "P-pops" or excessive sibilance. Part of the filter also shock mounts the internal microphone element, reducing the transfer of vibrations from external sources.

The exceptional performance of the RE20 is achieved by using a large Acoustalloy diaphragm in combination with an exceptionally low-mass aluminum voice coil. Using this diaphragm assembly, the RE20 is capable of reproducing extremely high sound pressure levels with no fear of the overload and distortion often experienced with phantom powered condensers. The RE20 will also continue to function flawlessly in high humidity and elevated temperatures that would seriously degrade competitive condenser microphones. A massive steel housing and effective hum-bucking coil assure the RE20's resistance to magnetically induced hum and noise. This means the RE20 can be used successfully in situations where other microphones would experience unacceptable levels of hum and buzz. By exploiting the strength of its steel housing and employing a mechanical nesting concept, EV designers have created an exceptionally rugged microphone with superior handling noise rejection ideally suited for professional uses.

  • Favorite of broadcast show hosts and voiceover studios
  • Ideal for instrument recording, especially kick drums and acoustic guitars
  • Studio condenser response yet no powering required and immune to overloading
  • Large Acoustalloy diaphragm and low-mass aluminum voice coil
  • Dual-ported, continuously Variable-D with minimal proximity effect
  • Steel case and hum-bucking coil provide exceptional magnetic shielding
  • Generating Element: Dynamic
  • Frequency Response: 45 - 18,000 Hz
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Impedance: 150 ohms balanced
  • Sensitivity, Open Circuit Voltage, 1 kHz: 1.5 mV/pascal
  • Hum Pickup Level, typical (60 Hz/ 1 millioersted field): -130 dBm
  • Polarity: Pin 2 is positive referenced to Pin 3 with positive pressure on diaphragm
  • Case Material: Steel
  • Connector Type: 3-pin XLR
  • Dimensions
    • Length: 216.7 mm (8.53 in.)
    • Widest Diameter: 54.4 mm (2.14 in.)
    • Body Diameter: 49.2 mm (1.94 in.)
  • Finish: Fawn Beige
  • Net Weight: 737 g (1 lb, 10 oz)
  • Shipping Weight: 1,474 g (3 lb, 4 oz)
  • Accessories Furnished: 81715 stand clamp
  • Optional Accessories: 309A shock-mounted stand adapter for use with floor stand or recording boom

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