Helpinstill MODEL 180 Humbucking Grand Piano Sensor

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This piano microphone from Helpinstill has received high praise from the likes of Tom Petty and Norah Jones.

The Helpinstill Model 180 Noise-Cancelling Design Grand Piano microphone was created for severe environments and touring acts that require the ultimate in performance, the Model 180 is identical to the Model 120 except that the sensor strips are a new double-coil noise-cancelling design similar in principle to humbucking guitar pickups. As effective as the Model 120 has proven to be for almost every application, situations arise where superior signal-to-noise ratios and high rejection of EM field noise in the vicinity of the keyboard pickup are required. This unit is highly recommended for pianos containing built-in electronics of any kind, such as the Yamaha CD Player or Disklavier models, and MIDI-equipped instruments. Trials in the field with major touring acts Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Norah Jones have produced praise not only for the noise-free characteristics, but for the realistic sound as well.