Helpinstill MODEL 300 WITHOUT MIXER Grand And Upright Touring System

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Model 300 System WITHOUT MIXER

*Pictured with Mixer*

We combined the Model 280 Grand unit with a special set of Balanced-Line Upright pickups compatible with the XLR-input powered mixer to allow the touring keyboardist to be able to work with any kind of piano ever encountered on the road. Inspired by Charles Helpinstill (Ezra Charles)'s frequent festival trips to Europe. When faced with the various possibilities he might have to deal with, he put together this combination to handle anything out there, and also to take advantage of the latest developments in Helpinstill Sensors. A special type of Upright Sensors with Balanced-Line wiring and XLR connectors was created to interface with the Powered Mixer to add vertical pianos to the capabilities. The mixer is even equipped with two power supplies, to allow connection to either U.S. or European-style electrical outlets. (It also can run on two 9-volt batteries in a pinch.) The addition of a carrying case ($80) fitted to hold all of the various pieces at once makes this the Ultimate Helpinstill. The Model 280 Grand pieces are shown in the photograph; the 300 has three more elements for the Upright installations that make a total of six. We now have this item on hand, ready to ship.

Our new Balanced-Line Sensors terminate in XLR-type connectors, making it easy to plug directly into three channels of a sound system or any mixer with mic inputs. Many acts are now using this method to interface directly into their monitor board or other setup. Comes with all the brackets and accessories necessary for installation on any Grand or Upright piano.

Also available: Model 300 Grand & Upright Touring System with mixer.,

Already on tour with Bob Malone (John Fogerty Band)