Lightronics TL5024 24-Channel Lighting Controller Desk

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The TL-5024 is an easy to operate mid size lighting console which answers the need for both theatrical and concert applications. It features softpatching and a cue list with programmable fade rates as well as live scene control. The TL-5024 offers advanced features of audio activated chase rate and a bump mode which enables the user to bump either channels or scenes.
12 Channels x 2 Scenes
24 Channels x 1 Scene
12 Channels + 12 Recorded Scenes
SCENE: 192 Scenes (16 Banks of 12 Scenes)
SOFTPATCH: 2 Programmable Patch Pages
240 Scene Cue List ( Programmable Fade In/Out Time)
CUE FADE: 0-999 Seconds (1 Second Increments) LMX-128 (3 pin multiplex)
Optional: USITT DMX-512
MEMORY: Non Volatile (retains scene, patch, and cue data when powered off)
AUDIO INPUT: Built in microphone
CHASE: 12 Programmable 20 Step Chases for Channels, Scenes, or Both
INPUT POWER: Phantom Power: 18 VAC or +15 VDC, 400ma
External Power: 13 - 25 VAC or VDC, 400ma