Listen LKS-3-A1 ListenTALK Collabor-8 System

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Perfect for setups where multiple team leaders or representatives have to be in communcation with the entire team, the LKS-3 Listen Talk System includes all the equipment needed to meet those needs immediately. The LKS-3 includes eight (8) ListenTALK tranceivers (with Leader Clips), eight (8) Headset-2s, and one (1) LA-481 Docking Station Case for convenient storage and transportation of all components. Meet the needs of your larger team or prepare for growing needs with the complete and expandable ListenTALK System 3.

  • Full-featured ListenTALK system Includes eight (8) headsets and (8) tranceivers for full-team communications
  • Docking Station Case also included for convenient storage and transportation of all equipment
  • Ideal for larger teams and designed for immediate functionality


  • Shipping Weight 11.25 kg (25.0 lbs.)
  • Eight (8) LK-1 ListenTALK One w/Leader Clips
  • Eight (8) LA-452 Headset 2
  • One (1) LA-481 Docking Station Case 16