Lowell LWR Rack-Sectional Wall Mount Series with 1 Pair Adjustable Rails, 7-35 RU

$465.72 - $1,087.13
Support Documentation:

LWR Series racks are heavy duty, sectional wall-mount racks with a steel backbox and separate front cabinet, boxed separately so the back can be field-installed while the front is loaded at the shop. Includes adjustable front mounting rails, tapped 10-32 and integral rails on the top and bottom. Black powder epoxy finish. 7-35 rack units.

Image demonstrates style and design; however, the size is not an exact representation.

  • Backbox has center opening in rear to fit around wall protrusions. Embossed dimples and lacing points allow flush installation of board-mounted accessories.
  • Knockouts for wireless antennas and conduit.
  • Removable knockout panels on top and bottom.
  • Two keyed side locks.
  • Front cabinet mounts to backbox from the inside with self-seating, positive locking L-pins that can be repositioned to change swing orientation (right or left).
  • Roller closure seats cabinet securely in closed position without mandatory locking.
  • Open front with vents at top and bottom. Ready to mount optional front door.
  • Welded sides have top and bottom vents.
  • Adjustable mounting rails, tapped 10-32, can be repositioned anywhere along side rail supports. Printed RU scale facilitates gear mounting.
  • Integral top and bottom rails on EIA spacing for mounting or lacing.
  • EIA, TIA, RoHS compliant, UL2416 Listed
  • Made in the USA with certified U.S. steel