Lowell XCP84 Round Backbox for 8" Ceiling Speakers

MSRP: $28.76
(You save $8.06 )

The Lowell XCP84 protective backboxes with flat grille mounting flange and welded torsion-grille receptacles are designed for screw or torsion mount installation of an 8" speaker/grille assembly. This model is ideal for installation in new or existing suspended tile ceilings.

The XCP84 backboxes are fabricated of welded, unitized heavy gauge steel and are sufficiently undercoated to eliminate acoustic and metallic resonance.

  • 4" D with 1-1/2" thick premium acoustic lining to absorb undesirable resonance in the high frequency range.
  • Furnished with two welded torsion receptacles to mount a variety of 8" torsion grilles achieving a hardware-free appearance.