OnStage SS7322B Adjustable Wall Mount Speaker Bracket, Pair, Black

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Ideal for sound contractors, mount this bracket on the walls at nightclubs, recording studios, home multi-media rooms, schools or just about anywhere! For mounting on flat surfaces, this adjustable bracket features a tilting angle adjustment as well as a 30-degreeswivel hinge.

  • Features a tilting angle adjustment as well as a 30-degree swivel hinge
  • Standard 1 3/8" insert fits most speaker cabinets
  • Ergonomic 2" knob adjusts tilt angle from 90- to 30-degrees
  • 90 Interlocking teeth mesh together to form a solid adjustable pivot point for tilting your speakers
  • Added solid-steel pin serves as a safety-stop
  • 9mm Steel bolt and nut
  • Applications: Small-Medium speaker cabinets
  • Distance From Wall: 12.5"
  • Weight Capacity: 80 lbs.
  • Tilt Angle Adjustment: 90-30-degrees
  • Swivel Angle Adjustment: +/-30-degrees
  • Construction: Steel

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