RapcoHorizon NBGM4 Quad Studio Microphone Cable with Neutrik Black/Gold XLRs, 3'-100'

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Built exclusively for ProAudio.com by RapcoHorizon, our premium NBGM4-series "quad" microphone cables offer two twisted pairs of conductors and a 95% coverage braided shield. The two twisted pairs eliminate crosstalk,allowing for better signal transfer. Using all bare copper conductors and Neutrik black& gold XLR connectors,our NBGM4-series miccables will preserve the integrity of your sound in any high-interference situation and are covered by RapcoHorizon's limited lifetime warranty.


  • Length: 3ft
  • Connectors: Neutrik NC3MX-B (male XLR) and NC3FX-B (female XLR), black shells with gold contacts
  • Conductors: (4) 24-gauge
  • Shield: pure copper spiral
  • O.D.: .235"
  • Capacitance: 57 pf/ft. @ 1 kHz
  • Resistance: 29.9 ohm @ 20c/1000'
  • Jacket: matte black PVC

To order NBGM4-series microphone cables in colors other than black, please contact us.


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