RDL AMS-TS1 Illuminated Touch-Activated Pushbutton

MSRP: $178.02
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The AMS-TS1 is a touch activated electronic button with integral controller. It operates in one of three modes: Toggle (touch on, touch off), Momentary (active while touched, otherwise inactive), or Pulse (125 mS active pulse upon each touch). By default, the center of the button illuminates green when the output is active, red when the output is inactive.

The button mode and internal/external indicator source are set by the installer. Two open collector outputs are provided. One is pulled to ground when the module output is active. The other is pulled to ground when the module output is inactive. The red and green indicators may be controlled by open collectors (or switches) on external RDL modules or other equipment.

The AMS-TS1 operates from ground-referenced 24 Vdc. The module is designed to mount behind the front panel of industry products that provide D-style cutouts.

  • Control Output:SLAVE terminal open-collector @ 25 mA (2, normal and inverted)
  • Front-panel touch button modes:Toggle, Momentary or Pulse (switch-selectable)
  • Touch button illumination control:Internal or External (switch-selectable)
  • Touch button illumination colors (Internal control):Red (output inactive) or Green (output active)
  • Touch button illumination colors (External control):White (no selection), Red or Green
  • Touch button illumination external control:1mA pull to ground; threshold = 2.5 VDC
  • Toggle mode output timing sequence:Button touch latches output active; Next button touch latches output inactive
  • Momentary mode output timing sequence:Output is active while button is continuously touched, then returns to inactive when button touch released
  • Pulse mode output timing sequence:Button touch sets output active for 125 mS (nominal) then output returns to inactive
  • Ambient Operating Environment:0° C to 50° C
  • Power Requirement:Ground-referenced, 24 Vdc @ 30 mA
  • Mounting:AMS mounts; D-Style cutouts
  • Dimensions:Height: 1.23 in. 3.12 cm; Width: 1.24 in. 3.14 cm; Depth: 2.3 in. 5.84 cm
  • Package Type:Cardboard Box
  • Package Dimensions:2 x 2 x 4 in.
  • Shipping Weight:0.13 lbs.
  • WEEE weight:0.09 lbs.
  • Tariff code:8517.62.0050