RDL FP-PEQ3 FLAT-PAK Line Level Parametric Equalizer

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  • Highly Versatile Parametric Equalizer
  • Independent Adjustment Controls
  • Adjustable Bandwidth .04 to 1.5 Octave
  • Adjustable Frequency 15 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Cut or Boost Adjustable ± 15 dB
  • Overlapping Frequency Bands
  • Output Level Metering
  • Studio Quality, Low Noise Performance

The FP-PEQ3 is the ideal choice in many applications where parametric equalization or acoustic notch filtering is needed. The FP-PEQ3 is a single channel module featuring three identical independent filters. Each filter has separately adjustable FREQUENCY, BOOST / CUT amplitude, and bandwidth (BW) parameters. The FREQUENCY has three fully overlapping switch-selectable ranges: 15 Hz – 200 Hz, 150 Hz – 2 kHz, 1.5 kHz – 20 kHz. The BOOST / CUT provides a 15 dB range, switch-selectable to produce either cut or boost, making acoustic adjustment easier than with other parametric equalizers. Setting a given filter’s BOOST / CUT to minimum completely removes that filter from the circuit. The bandwidth (BW) allows adjustment from 0.04 octave to 1.5 octave.

Note: Power supply is required

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