RDL RU-EQ3 RACK-UP 3-Band Audio Tone Controller

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The RU-EQ3 features a balanced bridging input, which may be also connected unbalanced if desired. The output driver is 150 ohm balanced, and is intended to drive unbalanced or balanced lines of low and high impedance. Front panel knobs provide active equalization, each controlling a separate audio band. These bands were carefully selected to yield a module that works effectively in a wide variety of systems. Each band's center frequency can be either boosted or attenuated by at least 12 dB. The RU-EQ3 has a third control knob. This midrange control is optimized to voice band adjustment, with the overlap tailored to provide smooth operation for wideband music applications.

A feature unique to the RU-EQ3 is the OVERLOAD indication LED. When audio signals are equalized, the boosted level can cause the output circuit to clip. Alternatively, if prominent frequencies are attenuated, the input is likely to be turned up so that its amplifier can clip. In either event, there is a risk of distortion. Unlike many products which show only input clipping, the RU-EQ3's OVERLOAD indicator flashes if either the input or output stage clips.

The RU-EQ3 is the optimum choice for general equalization requirements with user-adjustable knobs in both music and voice applications. Its low-noise and low distortion performance makes it suited to the most critical installations.

The RU-EQ3 is the ideal choice wherever an audio equalization device is needed to provide superior audio clarity, user adjustments, reliability, compactness and unsurpassed versatility. Use the RU-RA3 or RC-1U rack-mount adapters to mount multiple RU-EQ3s, or to combine related products (such as audio mixing, video distribution, or audio metering) into a single rack unit. Used in conjunction with other RDL modules, the RU-EQ3 can provide the foundation for many creative audio systems!

Note: Power supply is required.

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