RDL RU-UDA4 RACK-UP 1x4 Unbalanced Stereo Audio Distribution Amp

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The RU-UDA4 is the optimum choice where connectorized, unbalanced line level distribution needed. This unit features two separate, isolated channels. The RU-UDA4 may be used in stereo applications, or as two individual monaural distribution amplifiers. The input signals are buffered through output line drivers, providing 4 separate line-level unbalanced outputs for each of the two inputs.

The RU-UDA4 performance is tailored around industry standard -10 dBV input/output levels. Excellent frequency response, phase response, distortion and low noise performance combine to produce the audio clarity and precision for which RDL products are well known.

Standard phono input and output connectors are firmly attached to the steel front panel for superior mechanical integrity. The 24 Vdc power supply input is provided on full-size barrier block connections on the rear panel. The RU-UDA4 may be operated on 12 volts with a reduction in headroom.

The RU-UDA4 is the ideal companion to RDLs RU-VDA4 Video Distribution Amplifier in video facilities where unbalanced audio is used. In any facility where the ultimate in superior audio clarity, reliability, compactness and unsurpassed versatility are desired, the RU-UDA4 is the only choice.

  • Stereo Unbalanced Audio Distribution
  • Unity Gain on Both Channels
  • Four Outputs per Channel
  • Stand Alone or Rack-Mountable
  • Exceptional Audio Performance
  • 1/3 Rack, High-Density Rack Mounting

NOTE: Power supply is required.