RDL ST-HP3 STICK-ON 300 Hz /500 Hz High-Pass Filter

MSRP: $189.19
(You save $18.90 )

The ST-HP3 is the ideal choice where line-level audio filtering needs to be provided at the input of a power amplifier for protection of public address horns against damage from low frequencies.

The ST-HP3 has one input and two filtered outputs: 300 Hz high pass and 500 Hz high pass. Both the input and output are balanced, and each may be wired unbalanced if required. The input accepts line-level (+4 dBu nominal) audio. The module operates at unity gain (balanced input and output). The two outputs may be used simultaneously.

The ST-HP3 features RDL's SupplyFlex power input configuration for operation directly from ground-referenced, floating or bipolar 24 Vdc power.

  • Horn Loudspeaker Protection
  • Low-Frequency Attenuation below 300 Hz
  • Low-Frequency Attenuation below 500 Hz
  • Line-Level Input and Outputs
  • Filtering Requiring no Field Adjustment
  • RDL SupplyFlex Power Input Configuration

NOTE: Power supply is required.