RDL ST-MX3 STICK-ON 3-Channel Line Mixer

MSRP: $186.06
(You save $18.59 )

Perfect for quick mixing, the ST-MX3 RDL 3-Channel Line Mixer is dependable and simple to use.

The RDL ST-MX3 3-Channel Line Mixer is part of a group of products in the STICK-ON series from Radio Design Labs. The durable bottom adhesive permits quick, permanent mounting nearly anywhere, or use it with RDL's racking accessories. The ST-MX3 gives you the advantage of a high performance audio mixer with a big PLUS... you can put it where you need it! You can combine modules to build larger mixing systems using whatever combination lines you need!

The ST-MX3 is a 3-channel audio mixer for combining line-level signals to a line-level output.

Each input features a separate preamplifier circuit which isolates it from the other inputs. A trim pot gain adjustment is provided for each of the three input preamps. Signals from the three preamps are actively summed and fed to the output line-level driver amplifier. The line-input circuit design allows the inputs to accept either balanced or unbalanced signals, of either high or low impedance. The output is capable of driving into either high or low impedance, balanced or unbalanced loads. And each output may be connected in parallel with other ST-MX3 to form a multi-channel mixer to fit nearly any installation!

NOTE: PS-24A power supply is required.