RDL TX-MX2R Audio Mixer/Distribution Amplifier

MSRP: $119.60
(You save $11.95 )

The TX-MX2R is the ideal choice in installations requiring the active, isolated mixing of two unbalanced line-level audio sources to feed either one or two unbalanced destinations.

The input circuits are high-impedance, line level (-10 dBV) and are each isolated from each other. Therefore the modules may be used to bridge an unbalanced stereo source without affecting the stereo separation. Each output from the TX-MX2R would be a mono mix of the stereo signal. Normally, the gain trimmers are set to unity gain. If either channel is low, the gain of that channel may be adjusted up to 6 dB.

The TX-MX2R may also be used to mix two separate sources into a single output. The mixing circuit in the module is an active summing amplifier.

The output driver provides two separate, identical output signals from the input signal(s). This output distribution amplifier therefore allows the TX-MX2R to be used a two-output audio distribution amplifier. If it is desired to distribute a single source to two destinations, one of the inputs may be left unused without any loss of performance.

The TX-MX2R may be operated from any power supply voltage between 12 Vdc and 33 Vdc. The module's normal operating voltage is 24 Vdc. At operation from a 12 Vdc supply, the headroom remains greater than 18 dB.

For unbalanced connectorized 2-channel audio mixing and distributing, the TX-MX2R is the universal choice. Use the TX-MX2R individually, or combine it with other RDL Rack-Up®, STICK-ON, or TX series audio or video modules as part of a complete audio/video system.

NOTE: Power supply is required.