RDL TX-VLA1 BNC Video Line Amplifier

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The TX‑VLA1 is the ideal choice in installations where video signals are being fed into long cables, or where a low video signal needs to be amplified. The unique power supply input allows the TX‑VLA1 to be powered from a wide variety of existing ac or dc power sources.

Security or surveillance cameras are frequently located significant distances from monitoring or recording equipment. Cable losses produce a decrease in the overall video level. High frequency attenuation in the cable produces additional loss of higher frequency components of the video signals. These combined losses result in degradation of color signals, and decreased resolution in monochrome images. The TX‑VLA1 can be located right at the camera and adjusted to compensate for both losses. GAIN and EQ may be adjusted on the TX‑VLA1 to drive video cables as long as 2000 feet (600 meters).

The TX‑VLA1 is supplied with a chart showing recommended beginning settings of GAIN and EQ for various lengths of cable. The settings may then be further fine tuned for an optimum, high‑quality video transmission.

Important!Power supply is required. Not included; order separately.

  • Boost Video Levels
  • Adjustable Video Level
  • Adjustable Equalization
  • Drive Long Video Lines
  • Video Amplifier Powered from Available Voltage Sources
  • High-Quality Video in Small Size
  • NTSC or PAL
  • Input: 75 ohms, BNC, Ground-referenced
  • Input Level: 1 V p-p video
  • Gain: Unity to +5 dB (adjustable)
  • Bandwidth: 10 MHz
  • Equalization Adjustment:
    • Flat to +4 dB @ 3.58 MHz (adjustable)
    • Flat to +7 dB @ 5 MHz (adjustable)
  • Equalization Curve: Optimized at each setting for flattest response of video signal components without square-wave overshoot
  • Residual Noise: < -65 dB (referenced to 1 V p-p)
  • Output: 75 ohms source terminated, BNC, Ground referenced
  • Power Requirement: GROUND-REFERENCED 12 to 33 Vdc or 12 to 24 Vac, @ 30 mA
  • Ambient Operating Environment: -10° C to 50° C