RF Venue 4ZONE Antenna Combiner for Wireless Mic Receivers


The RF Venue 4 Zone is an antenna combiner for wireless microphones receivers, which combines up to four separate pairs of diversity antenna connections. Designed to take the complexity out of multi-zone signal management, it is ideal for use in multi-purpose rooms, indoor-outdoor configurations or main stages with secondary breakout rooms.

The unit operates in the 470 to 960 MHz frequency range and is compatible across all brands. It allows for fine-tuning of RF levels in each coverage area by offering RF signal attenuation control for each channel, down to -31 dB in 1 dB steps. For roaming microphone transmitters, selectable On/Off inputs let you choose which coverage zones are active, saving setup and breakdown time when working on location. Additionally, the RF Venue 4 Zone can provide 12 VDC power to active antennas or in-line amplifiers on long cable runs.

  • Antenna combiner for multi-zone wireless microphone systems – solves distribution challenges by making signal management simple
  • 470 to 960 MHz frequency range, compatible across all brands
  • Combines up to four separate pairs of diversity antenna connections to one A and B output
  • Individual-channel, RF signal attenuation control down to -31 dB, in 1 dB steps
  • Selectable 12 VDC power for active antennas and in-line amplifiers on long cable runs
  • Selectable On/Off inputs allows for quick control of coverage zones for roaming microphone transmitters