RF Venue 4ZONE Antenna Combiner for Wireless Mic Receivers

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The 4 ZONE active antenna combiner takes the complexity and expense out of multi-zone wireless microphone projects. The 4 ZONE combines up to four separate pairs of diversity antenna connections for multi-purpose rooms, indoor-outdoor configurations, or main stages with secondary breakout rooms.

The 4 ZONE has selectable on/off inputs, allowing for quick control of the wireless microphone coverage zones for roaming transmitters. In addition, you can easily choose which zones are active as a live event or location sound project progresses, saving you setup and breakdown time on site.

When used in conjunction with up to four Diversity Fin Antennas and one or more DISTRO4 or DISTRO9HDR antenna distributors, 4 ZONE completes a turnkey package for any multi-zone wireless microphone project across any brand wireless audio system.

RF Venue 4 ZONE Features

  • A unique one rack space design allows microphones to operate in up to four separate coverage areas
  • User configurable to allow which zones are active
  • Seamlessly cover wireless microphones between building locations or indoor and outdoor areas

RF Venue 4ZONE Downloads

Specs - As of 8/7/23

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