RF Venue D-ARC Diversity Architectural Antenna for Wireless Microphones

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Top Tier Wireless Antenna Meets Pleasing Aesthetic

The new Diversity Architectural Antenna by RF Venue is a high-performance antenna system for wireless microphones. It features a slim profile enclosure so that the Diversity Architectural Antenna can be installed in any position on a wall or ceiling, and you can paint it to match any interior so it blends in. We use a unique patent-pending dual-feed antenna design that includes both A and B diversity connections, so there is no need to install two separate antennas for your system for wireless microphones. This helps you avoid drops from your wireless microphones, and it gives the venue a more professional look.

•Blends into any background

•Two antennas in one package

•Lower cost - easy installation

The Diversity Architectural Antenna takes minutes to install, with its rear-mounted plate that comes pre-drilled with multiple options for a mounting hole. The rear plate easily connects to the front plate and is secured with screws. Then, all you need to do to finish installing this antenna system for wireless microphones is connect the two rear-mounted BNC-terminated coaxial cables to your coaxial cable run and the Diversity Architectural Antenna. RF Venue's Diversity Architectural Antenna builds on our highly acclaimed Diversity Fin, which eliminates the most common wireless mic signal dropouts that are caused by changes in the angle and orientation of the RF signal. This antenna system is ideally suited for conference rooms, multi-purpose meeting spaces, training rooms, and houses of worship. Our Diversity Architectural Antenna fits into any interior design and delivers professional RF performance in a sleek, industrially designed enclosure.
Wireless Builder

RF Venue offers their Wireless System Builder tool to help facilitate building your ideal wireless distribution system.

RF Venue D-ARC Downloads

Specs - As of 8/7/23

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