RF VENUE OPTIX2-S3 Optix RF Over Fiber System

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The OPTIX Series 3 RF-over-Fiber Antenna Distribution System from RF Venue, available here in a pack of two sets convenient for a 2-channel configuration, includes two transmitter modules and two receiver modules. The transmitter module converts RF signals arriving from an antenna source into a single-mode optical signal. It sends that signal down a length of fiber-optic cable (available separately) to the receiver module, which converts the source signal back into RF. Both modules feature three multicolor LED indicators for RF and DC status.

This system extends the range of antenna placement without any signal loss over the optical cable. It features a usable dynamic range of 60 dB, 175 to 960 MHz operating frequency, and 50-ohm impedance. User configurable controls allow you to manage signal level, apply DC power for active antennas or amplifiers, and directly monitor outputs to dial in performance. This system is compatible across VHF, UHF, and the 900 MHz band.

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