Sennheiser I15-L Gooseneck Microphone Combo Package

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TheSennheiserI15-L gooseneck microphone package includes aME36 lobar mini shotgun capsule, MZH3015 gooseneck, MZT30 flange mount, and MZS31 shock mount.

The ME 36 is a back-electret condenser microphone head for use with the Sennheiser MZH goosenecks. This unique mini shotgun facilitates inconspicuous placement when used with the MZH 3015 gooseneck. It is suitable for a very wide range of applications including: conference, public address, studio, broadcast, video, etc.

TheMZH 3015is a metal gooseneck for use with the ME 34, ME 35 and ME 36 microphone heads. The rugged gooseneck is fitted with a balanced, floating XLR-3 output, enabling the microphone to be powered from 12 - 48 V phantom power and has a length of 150 mm.

TheMZT 30is a flush mount with XLR-3/XLR-5 socket which can be used in combination with the Sennheiser MZH goosenecks.

TheMZS 31is a shock mount for MZH goosenecks and MEG 14-40 microphones.

ME 36

  • Highly directional mini shotgun for prominent voice reproduction
  • Elegant, pure design for inconspicuous placement
  • For use with Sennheiser MZH goosenecks
  • Interference tube/capsule housing rotates for optimum alignment
  • Corrosion resistant gold plated contact points
  • Smooth response across all frequencies

MZH 3015

  • Sturdy and elegant metal gooseneck for unobtrusive miking
  • For ME 34, ME 35, ME 36 microphone capsules
  • RF shielding against intermodulation from wireless equipment/devices
  • L-version with red light ring
  • Available in black and white

MZT 30

  • XLR-3/XLR-5 flush mount socket

MZS 31

  • Shockmount for MZH goosenecks
  • Significantly reduces transmitted body noise from table or lectern