Shure SM7DB Active Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphone with Built-in Preamp

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Built-In Preamp, Built On Legacy, Same Iconic Sound

The SM7dB delivers the legendary warm vocals of the original SM7B with an integrated preamp that offers up to 28dB of adjustable gain. The sleek all-black design is the ideal dynamic microphone for big profile broadcasting, professional podcasts or critical studio recordings.

The SM7dB uses the same cartridge, shock mount and internal design as the SM7B. The built-in preamp provides you a simpler, more convenient all-in-one solution to get that iconic SM7 sound without the extra need of peripheral products.

Ideal for users of all experience levels, the SM7dB’s additional gain brings the microphone’s sensitivity up to a level optimized for typical audio interfaces. This guarantees users enough gain on hand for their audio to be heard with maximum clarity in a recording, on a broadcast, or while streaming, regardless of their audio interface. For situations not requiring additional gain, users can simply set the integrated preamp to “bypass” to revert to original SM7B performance.

Shure SM7DB Features:

  • Built-in preamp designed by Shure, +28dB of switchable gain
  • Configurable gain between +18dB and +28dB, includes bypass
  • Compatible with virtually any XLR audio interface when preamp is activated (preamp requires Phantom Power but microphone will work passively without it)
  • Flat, wide-range frequency response for exceptionally clean reproduction of music and speech
  • Bass roll-off and mid-range emphases (presence boost) EQ switch controls
  • Superior rejection of electromagnetic hum, optimized for shielding against broadband interference emitted by computer monitors
  • Internal "air suspension" shock isolation virtually eliminates mechanical noise transmission
  • Highly effective pop filter eliminates need for any add-on protection
  • Yoke mount with captive stand nut for easy mounting
  • Classic cardioid polar pattern, uniform with frequency and symmetrical about axis, to provide maximum rejection and minimal coloration of off-axis sound
Activated by Cloud, Optimized by Shure

Activated by Cloud, Optimized by Shure

The SM7dB features a custom Shure-designed preamp with technology licensed from Cloud. The preamp has been tuned by Shure's expert engineers specifically for the SM7dB to ensure the iconic SM7 sound is able to live on inside the SM7dB; unchanged, unaltered and here to stay for generations to come.
The New Back Panel

The New Back Panel

Featuring the same EQ switches for the bass roll off and/or presence boost that you might need. Also, featuring the new built-in preamp with switchable gain +18 or +28dB, which requires Phantom Power. The SM7dB will still work passively without Phantom Power.

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