Switchcraft 314DI AudioStix Pocket Sized Instrument Passive Direct Box

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The pocket sized Switchcraft 314DI comes with a ground lift switch and a locking XLR output.

The Switchcraft 314DI is a pocket size version of Switchcraft's standard high quality DI Box seris of products. It converts the unbalanced outputs of guitars, keyboards and other instruments with ine-out level to balanced, mic level signals that can be connected to audio consoles and mic pre-amps.

AudioStix are the newest additions to our expanding line of premium pro audio products. They can be used as stand-alone adapters, rear mounted into our modular QGPK Series rack panels, or permanently installed into any number of custom racks and wall plates. AudioStix are made in the USA.

  • 1/4" Feed Thru allows for connection to multiple devices such as an amp and a tuner; two amps and much more
  • Switchcraft DE Series Locking Male XLR provides balanced mono, mic level output
  • Ground Lift Switch
  • -20db pad to enable the device to handle stronger signals without distortion

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