Tannoy 8001 4760 CMS 1201 Subwoofer Series Back Can

8001 4760
Music Tribe, the parent company of Tannoy is undergoing a US distribution change and has not indicated when they will be fulfilling orders again.
Support Documentation:

The custom engineered powder coated steel back-can has been designed to cater for all conceivable installation possibilities making the CMS 1201DC extremely versatile. Internally dampened with 11 mm (0.43") OSB2 board, the addition of the back-can...

  • Acoustically enhanced powder coated zinc plated steel back can for CMS 1201 ceiling loudspeaker
  • Designed for pre-installation in newly constructed non-suspended ceilings
  • Back can and containment can be installed prior to completion of ceiling
  • Internally dampened 79 litre (2.8 cubic feet) capacity provides exceptional low frequency performance
  • Back can fixings allow multiple installation options
  • Steel mounting lugs for fitting to a Unistrut* roof rail system or hanging via 4 top-mounted eye bolts
  • Single point hang via M10 or 3/8" UNC threaded rod
  • Time-saving design enables one person speaker installation
  • Phoenix* connectors for input and link output
  • 3-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in the U.K.