Tieline TLCLOUDNETWORK Private Network LIcense for the Cloud Codec Controller

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Private Network license for the Cloud Codec Controller. This license will allow for the user to access Tieline products that are avaiable on a private network. - One-time Buy (NO MAJOR UPGRADES)

The Cloud Codec Controller by Tieline lets you manage an entire fleet of Tieline codecs and all Report-IT users in real-time from the studio, even when connected to cellular and Wi-Fi networks!

Tieline's Cloud Codec Controller delivers a simple user interface to configure, connect and manage your entire network of Tieline codecs and all Report-IT Enterprise users from a single PC located anywhere in the world.

It doesn't matter whether the device is connected via a LAN or cellular networks; the Cloud Codec Controller integrates with Tieserver and the latest cloud computing technologies to deliver secure real-time monitoring and remote control of all Merlin, Genie, ViA and Bridge-IT codecs, as well as smartphones using Report-IT Enterprise.

How it works
The Cloud Codec Controller immediately detects the presence of Tieline codecs, or smartphones running the Report-IT Enterprise app, when they connect to the internet over an Ethernet or wireless data connection. This allows engineers to remotely control live connections from the comfort of the studio, at home, or anywhere they have internet connectivity.