Wheatstone UPG-VP6-7 Upgrade VoxPro Version 6.x to Version 7.x

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Upgrade your VoxPro6 to VoxPro7 version. VoxPro digital audio editing system is the de facto standard for live radio recording, editing and airing of clips in control and newsrooms worldwide. With it, clips can be recorded, edited and aired in moments.

For the user, VoxPro offers advanced features including Auto-Import, Auto-Record, EZ-Export, Automatic Gain Control, networked file access, customizable folders, and our trademark VoiceSlip effect for handling host/caller talk-over.

For the engineering staff or system administrator, VoxPro makes networking a snap; its flexibility and versatility allow it to be used in any physical or network configuration. User accounts are managed by means of simple ASCII text files, and user audio files are maintained in a standard Windows format.

Fast, reliable, and easy-to-learn, the VoxPro software is most often used with the optional USB control panel. Users may create password protected folders for their own work. Unlimited undo and redo, remote start, and one-button insert record are just a few of VoxPro's more used features. 10 GB of hard drive storage holds about fifteen hours of stereo files.

Using intuitive icons and transport keys, the control panel allows users to speedily record and edit audio. VoxPro digitally records and edits voice, sound effects, and music clips on two tracks. All popular file formats, including MP3, MP2, WAV, AIFF and WMA files can be imported and exported individually or in groups. With a third party codec, you can also import M4A and MP4 files.

Among the VoxPro upgrades is a feature that enables talent to simultaneously record audio while editing or playing back other audio. Also new: a GapBuster function to automatically remove silence from interviews and phone calls, support for Hotkey and Marker labels in any of the world's languages, color-coded Markers, and a detachable Hotkey panel. There's also an option to hide the Editor and File List to reduce on-screen clutter, and greater integration with Wheatstone's WheatNet-IP audio network, including control for routing, salvos and playback tallies with end warning flash.

For 2017, the industry's most popular editor/recorder gets a new signal processing toolset that lets talent quickly clean up phone calls for on-air presentation.

The new ClipCleaner toolset includes spectral display, parametric EQ, de-esser, compressor, expander, limiter and noise gate for processing channels independently or jointly. With a GUI derived from Wheatstone’s top-of-the-line LXE console, the ClipCleaner toolset comes with a standard library of presets for easy setup.

Also included in VoxPro 7 is FX Macros for creating one-button macros for frequently used effects and other editing operations. FX Macros can be used to create a preset for any effect that can then be assigned to an on-screen button for quick recall. FX Macros can trigger an action or a chain of actions. For example, one click could set up a chain of actions, such as starting with removing silences in a call-in audio file (using GapBuster), then running the result through ClipCleaner, and finally normalizing both host and caller channels for final broadcast. In addition to a new FX Editor, Wheatstone designers also overhauled the VoxPro Effects menu, making special effects like chorus, reverb and distortion much more accessible and making recent effects settings "sticky" for automatic recall.

For navigating through files, a QuikSearch box has been added and conveniently located on-screen along with the ability to color-code files and hotkeys so they're much easier to see in a long list or a page of hotkeys.

Other additions under VoxPro 7 include support for importing 24-bit files, a new feature in GapBuster to automatically detect the noise floor, and the use of a hardware-based graphics library for smoother and more efficient performance.

VoxPro natively supports WheatNet-IP audio networking for easy access to any source anywhere in the network. All popular file formats, including MP3, MP2, WAV, AIFF and WMA files can be imported and exported individually or in groups.

  • Rich set of playback options.
  • Editable recordings with several ways to create and use edit points.
  • Infinite undo/redo capability persists for the lifetime of a file.
  • Audio effects including normalization, mute, bleep, reverse, pitch change, and time stretch.
  • Import and Export files in standard formats.
  • Customizable scrubbing for fast and accurate positioning while editing.
  • Password protected user accounts.
  • Optional control panel with most commonly used controls, including jog wheel.
  • Any number of Hotkeys available for immediate one-button playback.
  • MultiTrack panel allowing additional support files overlayed on title track.
  • GapBuster effect (automatic silence removal).
  • Simultaneous playback and record (record in background while playing and editing in foreground).
  • Ability to copy/move/delete/rename files from the Search panel.
  • Support for Unicode labels in Hotkeys and Markers.
  • Color-coded Markers, new graphical method to precisely position location of markers.
  • WheatNet-IP (WNIP) routing controls.
  • WNIP playback tally with end warning flash.
  • User option for exclusive Hotkey playback mode.
  • User option to disable remote control inputs and outputs.
  • Detachable Hotkeys window, ability to hide Editor and File List panels.
  • MultiTrack feature allows the placement of music and sound effects to any Master Edit using drag and drop.
  • On-screen Hotkeys with the ability to set-up an endless number of tab pages with up to 12 rows per tab, five Hotkeys per row. Drag and drop edited bits, music and sound effects.
  • Resize fonts in the Edit List and for Hotkey labels.
  • Place the Edit List on the left or right side of the VoxPro window when in MultiTrack and/or Hotkey mode.
  • Multi-Channel Playback - Play a Hotkey bit while recording other content in VoxPro.
  • Mobile Device Audio Support for remote talent.  Record and upload content that will instantly import into VoxPro.
  • Blog your bits by exporting on-air bits and spots in web-friendly bit rates to share with listeners and clients.
  • Automatically search all reachable VoxPro accounts.
  • Effects - Pitch and Time and are combined as one effect allowing simultaneous pitch shift with time stretch.
  • Effects - Normalization has flexible options.  Left, Right, both jointly or independently plus the ability to set peak level.
  • AGC boosts the timid and limits the loud on either or both channels. Say goodbye to caller levels that are too low and hello to consistent levels!
  • Markers - Place markers while recording or playing back by pressing the ‘M’ key on your computer keyboard. All markers are listed in a dropdown window. Double clicking a marker note title takes you to that mark in the recording. Right clicking a title allows you to edit the note, playback from that marker or go to the marker. Great for interviews, baseball or football games. 
  • Auto-Network - Forget about dealing with IP addresses and computer IDs. VoxPro workstations connected to your station's LAN automatically detect each other and stay connected, allowing users to access their password protected accounts from any VoxPro workstation.
  • Zoom -  Four Zoom levels: x1, x4, x10, and sample-by-sample. Press the Q key on your computer keyboard or the zoom key on VoxPro control panel for very precise editing. You can even playback files in the zoom position as the zoom effect stays on until the Q or zoom key is pressed again.
  • Auto-Import - VoxPro users can choose any folder anywhere on the station's LAN and have VoxPro check that folder every 30 seconds for any incoming media files. If a file is detected it automatically gets "sucked-up" and into the users current folder.
  • EZ-Export - If you find yourself continually exporting to one particular folder, either on your VoxPro computer or anywhere on the station's LAN, you can set up VoxPro to always export to only that folder with the EZ-Export right click command when a file title is highlighted. Each user may customize this feature (and it applies to any MultiTrack mix created).
  • Standard WAV format files – VoxPro uses the industry standard RIFF WAV file format for universal compatibility.

Minimum System Requirements for running VoxPro7

  • P3 Processor or higher (P6/Core/Core Duo/Core-2,etc recommended)
  • Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
  • 4GB RAM
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5
  • USB port for Control Panel
  • USB port for Security Key

Recommended System:

  • Intel Core i5 or better, 3GHz or faster
  • GPU with minimum 256MB dedicated graphics memory
  • 1TB storage drive
  • 8GB RAM
  • Additional NIC if running an AOIP driver

Sound Card or Audio Device

  • 16-bit Audio
  • 44.1Khz or 48 kHz sample rate
  • WDM driver with full DirectSound support
  • Optional: WheatNet-IP Driver to Network via Ethernet (in this case, no soundcard needed)

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