Yamaha PX3 Power Amplifier, 500 Watts x 2 at 4 Ohms

MSRP: $695.00
(You save $195.01 )

The versatile PX series power amplifiers lineup combines intelligent processing with high output power to meet the requirements of a vast range of sound reinforcement environments. 300W x 2 at 8 ohms / 500W x 2 at 4 ohms.

  • 2x 300W at 8 ohms
  • 2x 500W at 4 ohms
  • Newly developed Class-D amplifier engine with a custom LSI
  • Flexible onboard PEQ, crossover, filters, delay, and limiter functions
  • Yamaha Speaker presets
  • Utlities for safe and secure operation
  • Output power; 1kHz Non-clip 20msec Burst Both channels driven 8 ohms 300W x 2
    • 4 ohms 500W x 2
    • 2 ohms 300W x 2
    • 8 ohms/Power Boost Mode 600W x 1
    • 4 ohms/Power Boost Mode 1000W x 1
  • Sampling frequency rate Internal 48kHz
  • AD/DA: 24-bit linear, 128 times over sampling
  • Total harmonic distortion 0.1% (1kHz, 10W), 0.3% (1kHz, Half power)
  • Frequency response +/-1.0dB (1W, 8 ohms, 20Hz to 20kHz)
  • S/N ratio 100dB (A-weighted, 8 ohms, Gain setting = +14dBu)
  • Crosstalk Less than -60dB (Half Power, 8 ohms, 1kHz, Vol max input 150 ohms shunt)
  • Voltage Gain/Sensitivity
    • 8 ohms Volume max
      • 32.0dB/+4.1dBu (Gain setting: 32dB)
      • 26.0dB/+10.1dBu (Gain setting: 26dB)
      • 32.1dB/+4dBu (Gain setting: +4dBu)
      • 22.1dB/+14dBu (Gain setting: +14dBu)
    • 8 ohms Volume max /Power Boost mode
      • 35.0dB/+4.1dBu (Gain setting: 32dB)
      • 29.0dB/+10.1dBu (Gain setting: 26dB)
      • 35.1dB/+4dBu (Gain setting: +4dBu)
      • 25.1dB/+14dBu (Gain setting: +14dBu)
  • Maximum input voltage +24dBu
  • Input impedance 20k ohms (Balance), 10k ohms (Unbalance)
  • I/O Connectors
    • Speaker output ports Neutrik speakON NL4 x2, Binding post x2 pairs, 1/4" PHONE(TS) x2
    • Line Input XLR-3-31 x2, 1/4 "PHONE(TRS) x2
    • Others USB 2.0 Standard-A Connector (Female) for Save/Load, Speaker preset update, Firmware update with USB memory; AC inlet x1 with AC cord clamp
  • Indicators POWER x1 (Green), ALERT x1 (Red), USB x1 (Green), PROTECT x2 (Red), CLIP/LIMIT x2 (Red), SIGNAL x2 (Green); Auto LED off feature
  • Processors Input summing; D-CONTOUR(FOH/MAIN, MONITOR, OFF); Delay(0 - 74msec); HPF/LPF(cutoff frequency 20Hz~20kHz with polarity control); Speaker Processor(6 band PEQ + Limiter + Delay)
  • Latency 1.5 msec (Analog Input to Speakers)
  • Presets 8 user amplifier presets (Factory preset: Speaker presets for Yamaha passive speakers)
  • Protection circuit
    • Load protection POWER switch on/off: Output mute; Output voltage protection: Over voltage limiter, user configurable by wattage and speaker preset; DC-fault: Power Supply shutdown (NOT restored automatically)
    • Amplifier protection Thermal: Output limiter (Restored automatically) → Output mute (Restored automatically); Over current: Output mute (Restored automatically); Over voltage: Output limiter (Restored automatically); Integrated Power Limit: Output limiter (Restored automatically)
    • Power supply protection Thermal: Output limiter (Restored automatically) → Power supply shutdown; Over voltage: Power supply shutdown; Over current: Power supply shutdown
  • Amplifier class Class D, Balanced output circuit (BTL)
  • Cooling 16 step variable speed fan x 2, front to rear airflow
  • Power requirements Depending on area of purchase; 100V 50Hz/60Hz, 120V 60Hz, 220V-240V 50Hz/60Hz *Verified as operating at rated power voltage +/- 10% voltage.
  • Power consumption 160W (1/8 MAX power, 4 ohms, Pink noise at all channels), 55W (4 ohms, Idling)
  • Dimensions W 480mm (18-7/8") xH 88mm (3-7/16"): 2U xD 388mm (15-2/8")
  • Net weight 6.9 kg (15.21 lbs)
  • Accessories USB cover, Owner's Manual, Specification sheet, AC cable (2.0m) x 1
  • Others USB 2.0 Standard-A Connector (Female) for Save/Load, Speaker preset update, Firmware update with USB memory; AC inlet x1 with AC cord clamp