Yamaha TIO1608-D2 16 Input, 8 Output Dante Stage Box, 96 kHz

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A Versatile, High-Definition Dante Stagebox

The Tio1608-D2 is a 96kHz Dante I/O rack with 16 mic/line inputs and 8 line outputs. The pallet box system can be used with the DM3-D and other Yamaha digital consoles. The D2 version has low latency and 96kHz converters. Not only can Yamaha's digital consoles drive the Tio1608-D2's internal preamp, but the Auto Setup feature makes setup easy.

Yamaha Tio1608-D2 Features:

  • 16 analog inputs and 8 outputs.
  • Renowned Yamaha sound quality with 96kHz sample rate
  • Dante network protocol contributes to greater system scalability and flexibility.
  • Supports Quick Config mode for DM3 and TF series
  • Automatic digital-stage compensation for analog gain changes
  • Recallable D-PRE preamplifiers
A stagebox that enhances the convenience of your console

A Stagebox That Enhances Your Console's Convenience

The Tio1608-D2 is the ideal stagebox for use with TF Series or DM3. The TF Series can use the optional NY64-D expansion card to connect to up to three Tio1608-D2 units, while DM3 can connect to a single unit. Connecting the console and Tio1608-D2 unites with a lightweight, durable CAT5e Ethernet cable in a daisy chain provides low-latency, high quality sound transmission without the time-consuming transport and installation required when using analog snakes
Dante High Reliability Network Audio Protocol

Dante High Reliability Network Audio Protocol

Dante has been adopted by leading manufacturers and professionals in the sound reinforcement industry for its low jitter, low latency, and high sampling accuracy. Using the Tio1608-D2 you can easily configure a high-performance Dante stagebox system with little or no IT networking knowledge. Thanks to the flexibility of the Dante network protocol, TF Series or DM3 can be connected to an extensive range of Dante-enabled equipment such as R Series I/O racks.
Fast, Easy Configuration

Fast, Easy Configuration

TF Series and DM3 are equipped with functions for automatic configuration of network settings and audio patching connections, making system configuration easy. After configuring the unit ID and QUICK CONFIG switches from the front panel of the Tio Rack, using the QUICK CONFIG function of the TF Series or the AUTO CONFIG function of the DM3 allows you to complete setup simply by connecting the console and Tio Rack with an Ethernet cable. Turn on the power and you're ready to go!
Simple and Flexible Input Selection

Simple and Flexible Input Selection

Once the basic configuration is completed you can easily assign inputs to best suit your system setup. All inputs can be assigned uniformly to the Tio Rack in an instant from the TF Series INPUT screen menu or the PATCH screen on a DM3. Users can also change each input to receive signal from multiple locations, allowing effective use of all inputs.

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