YellowTec YT5030 iXm Microphone w/Beyer Supercardioid Head

Support Documentation:
Manual_YellowTec_iXm Microphone.pdf

This version of the Yellowtec iXm reporter's microphone comes with a Premium Line supercardioid head. The Premium Line is designed and manufactured by the renowned German microphone maker, Beyerdynamic. The head's mechanical architecture delivers maximum reduction of handling noise and boasts a low mass, large diaphragm Macrolon element.

This dynamic mic head is an excellent choice to reject very loud ambience. The slightly reduced frequency response compared to the other Premium Line heads is still superior to other dynamic systems. So is the isolation of handheld noise. Note: Image shows iXm with Premium cardioid head.

The iXm features an integrated recorder and a choice of interchangeable mic capsules (Premium Line by Beyerdynamic, Pro Line by Yellowtec) in omnidirectional, cardioid and supercardioid patterns that deliver high speech intelligibility and low handling noise sensitivity.

The iXm features the LEA engine, an innovative processor that ensures perfect auto leveling in any environment. The LEA lets you capture pristine recordings under the most stressful conditions, with no AGC and no artifacts. Files are stored on an exchangeable SD memory card as WAV, BWF or MP2.

Its intuitive recording section comes with just two buttons and three indicators. The record and stop buttons offer easy thumb-on operation. Markers can be set during the interview by pressing the record button again. Three bright indicators show status information for record, memory and battery.

Twist-Off-Twist-On (TOTO) exchangeable mic heads give you the options you need to perfectly match your recording environment. Whether you require a cardioid, super-cardioid or an omnidirectional pickup pattern, you can easily change it right on the spot. TOTO auto sensing detects which type of mic head you're using and automatically adapts the DSP to the right parameters. There's no need for any manual settings.

Its unique dual power supply offers total operation time of up to 16 hours. Because the iXm comes with a built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a battery compartment for three standard AA cells, you get power assurance on location. Its intelligent power management will automatically load-balance power sources without asking for your attention. And in the unlikely event you ever run low on power, your dashboard warns you well in advance, so you can replace the AA batteries for another eight hours of operation.

You can listen to your recordings during a field check using the built-in headphone output. Use the playback keys to jump from track to track. When you do, human voice announcements guide you through your each recording. No need to follow track indicators.

The port panel on the bottom of the iXm holds all the interfaces. You will find a USB 2.0 port for downloading your recordings and recharging the internal battery. Use this port to configure your iXm for your individual preferences. The SD card slot is well protected against accidental ejection. An integrated headphone output makes your field check easy. There's also a 3.5mm jack for recording line levels, a valuable feature if you want to use iXm to record a supplied mic feed during press conferences. A connector is included for use with an optional speed charger.

The iXm boasts a built-in SD/SDHC memory card slot. Its recording capacity is based on widely available SD and SDHC cards with memory capacity of up to 32GB.

When you share iXm with others on a team, take your SD card with you and use it with any external SD-card reader. Or, if you do not wish to swap memory cards, download your recordings via USB to a computer for sharing and editing.

The iXm comes with sample presets and default settings already installed. In addition, you can use the additional power of iXm's customizable Toolkit to set your all your personal preferences. Parameters are well grouped on several tabs to ease your navigation and help you to change your preferences. Toolkit offers a multi-level password protection system. This makes it easy to control and design the sound parameters and offer individual preferences to configuration as well.

  • Ingenious onboard DSP engine offers perfect audio levels every time, no matter the environment.
  • iXm uses SDHC media to store recordings, so your project will always have enough memory. Moreover, you can swap cards in a flash!
  • Two buttons and three light-up icons tell you everything, making iXm the most intuitive recorder you've ever used.
  • Dual-power system includes a rechargeable lithium ion battery and AA batteries. And best of all, either one can serve as your primary power source.
  • Interchangeable capsules (optional) give you cardioid, super-cardioid or omnidirectional pickup patterns. Simply Twist Off and Twist On.
  • Line level input jack for press conference recording
  • Separate playback keyboard for quick ¬field checks
  • Voice messaging with track information during playback for easy navigation
  • Headphone output jack for easy monitoring
  • Charge with included USB power adapter or simply via any USB port
  • Heavy duty construction for everyday use
  • Designed and Made in Germany