Arrakis ARC-10BP-BLUE 10-Channel Balanced-Input Broadcast Console with USB and Bluetooth

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Quality and connectivity are two fundamental requirements for broadcast radio consoles. The ARC series consoles were the first to introduce PC & Mac connectivity with its USB audio channel. It also led the way with its use of the RJ-45 connection. These achievements put the ARC series ahead of its time and gives you the power you need for your station.

Arrakis continues to lead the way in console innovation and are excited to introduce Bluetooth connectivity built into the ARC-10BP-blue console.

  • Two stereo Program output mixes (with mono mixdowns)
  • Ten input source channels
  • Two high-performance balanced mic channels
  • Seven stereo line channels (ch 3-8 are Balanced)
  • Channel 9 is a PC computer sound card channel for Play & Record
  • Channel 10has BluetoothCompatability
  • One phone input channel for fast Live & Off-line telephone interface (hybrid required)
  • Program Output is BOTH balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA
  • Telephone channel (ch 10) is balanced In & Out with Logic
  • Real VU meters for on air monitoring, switch selectable between both Program outputs
  • Headphone system with stereo amp for 8 ohm (or Hi-Z) headphones
  • Cue-talkback system with built-in amplifier and speaker
  • Input channel logic for Remote channel on-off-tally and source start-stop
  • Provides monitor audio and logic for a Studio /Announce booth
  • Optional 16 x 3 stereo switcher for remote input select
  • Comes with 6 - 10' RJ45 to bare end cables for balanced line inputs