Broadcast Devices DIP-100 8-Channel XLR-to-DB25 Interface Panel

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Using the Tascam and Yamaha DB-25 pin out standards, BDI has produced a simple and neat way to make connections to high quality XLR connectors via standard DB25 connections. These 8-channel XLR Analog or Digital Panels are anideal solution to high cost snakes that end up hanging or falling to the floor. They help you organize your connections by simply mounting to the front or rear of your rack rails. This is an excellent choice for radio and television stations, control rooms, recording studios etc. The panel is a perfect accessory for our Audio ToolBox products, but can also be used to connect any device which uses the Tascam, or Yamaha DB-25 to XLR standard. DB-25 interface cable supplied.

Available configurations:

  • AIP-100 8 analog inputs/ 8 analog outputs
  • DIP-100 8 AES inputs/ 8 AES outputs
  • ADP-100 8 Analog Inputs 4 AES I/O
  • DAP-100 4 AES I/O / 8 analog outputs
  • Interface: DB-25 Male conforms to the Tascam D-88 or Yamaha Interface Standards
  • Provide your interface needs upon ordering these products.
  • Analog XLR Input XLR Female
  • Analog XLR Output XLR Male
  • AES XLR Input XLR Female
  • AES XLR Output XLR Male
  • Panel Dimensions 1.719 inches High X 19 inches Wide
  • Environmental 0-60 Degrees C Non Condensing Atmosphere