Henry SUPERLIGHT LED Tally Light Controller

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SUPERLIGHT is a logic/control interface for controlling low voltage studio tally lights. It can directly power 12 volt DC LED tally lights that draw up to 500 mA. SuperLight includes a flasher circuit, as well as a DPDT relay output that can be used for any low voltage switching, speaker muting, or other utility use.

The LED output can supply 12 vdc at up to 500 ma; it can also “sink” up to 2 amps if used with an external power source. The LED output can be set to “flash” when ON for use with ON THE AIR warning lights. All control, relay output, and LED output connections are via plug-in euroblock connectors.Two RJ45 connectors are also provided for Control wiring compatibility with WheatNet-IP Blade and similar installations that use cat5/cat6 wiring.


Connection to Control inputs and Relay outputs is via the euroblock connectors. Remove about 1/8” of the insulation, insert wires into the connector, and tighten the screws. Be sure that no bare wires are exposed.

EUROBLOCK CONTROL INPUT: SuperLight can be controlled with a maintained DC voltage or ground closure.

For control with a DC voltage: SuperLight can be switched on by applying a DC voltage to the IN+ and IN- terminals. Any DC voltage between 5 and 24 volts will switch the unit ON. This input is opto-isolated. Observe polarity.

For control with a ground closure: Connect a jumper between the 12V and IN+ terminals. Connect an external ground closure between the IN- and G terminals. A ground closure will switch the unit ON. NOTE: If the ground closure is provided by a transistor “open collector”, connect the open collector to the IN- terminal, and connect the emitter to the G terminal.

RJ45 CONTROL INPUTS: Two parallel RJ45 connectors are provided for controlling the SuperLight. The pin-outs can be assigned by the user to be compatible with any cat5/cat6 wiring scheme. To assign pin-outs, open the unit by removing the screws on the top cover. Locate the J5 and J6 multipin headers on the PC board.

Install one jumper on J5 to assign an RJ45 wire to the IN+ control input; install one jumper on J6 to assign an RJ45 wire to the IN- control input. Applying a maintained DC voltage (5-24v) to these two wires will switch the SuperLight ON.

The two RJ45 connectors are wired in parallel so that cat5/cat6 cabling can be “looped-thru” the unit. This allows multiple SuperLight units to be controlled with a single cable. Multiple SuperLight units can have the same or different RJ45 pinouts as needed.

TALLY LIGHT OUTPUT: SuperLight can directly power tally lights that require 12 vdc, 500 ma or less. Connect the tally light to the SuperLight LED+ and LED- terminals. Observe polarity.

For tally lights that require more than 12 vdc or 500 mA*, use an external power source connected as follows: Connect the + voltage source directly to the + wire of the light. Connect the ground of the power source to the G terminal of the SuperLight, and connect the – wire of the light to the LED- terminal on the SuperLight. *30 vdc, 2 amp maximum.

FLASH DISABLE: For installations where the tally light should stay ON “solid” (not flashing), set jumper J8 to OFF.

RELAY OUTPUT: SuperLight provides DPDT relay contacts for utility use. The C and NO terminals are active when then unit is ON; the C and NC terminals are active when the unit is OFF. The relay can switch up to 1 amp at 24 volts DC. (Do NOT use these relay outputs to switch AC line voltage!)

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