DPA 4099 Instrument Mount, Black

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Find the Sweet Spot On Any Instrument

Clip to connect a d:vote™ 4099 Instrument Microphone (Loud or Extreme SPL version) to a variety of instruments.

The versatile gooseneck of the 4099 provides stable and repeatable positioning. The mics can be easily unclipped and repositioned or moved to another instrument. The mounting system is designed to never blemish or scratch the finish of your instrument. The flexible design supports a wide variety of mounting and positioning possibilities.

  • AC4099 (Accordion) can be attached permanently to the instrument using screws.
  • BC4099 (Bass) connects to an acoustic upright bass. The microphone and it smounting system are both designed and optimized for the double bass. This ensures that the best mounting and audio reinforcement is achieved when performing live. The mic attaches to the E and G-string below the bridge. This ensures mic placement in the sweet spot between the bridge and fingerboard.
  • CC4099 (Cello) attaches to the C and A string below the Cello bridge. This places the microphone capsule in the sweet spot between the bridge and fingerboard, offering a unique combination of natural string sound and high audio separation.
  • CM4099 (Brass) can easily connect to many types of instruments, such as saxophones and brass instruments.
  • DC4099 (Drums) has a revolutionary 90-degree system which provides a wide range of mounting options. By detaching the clip from the gooseneck and re-mounting it turned 90 degrees, the number of mic positions is doubled.
  • GC4099 (Guitar) can be mounted to an acoustic guitar, mandolin, ukulele, or dobro. It offers practically unlimited placement possibilities.
  • PC4099 (Piano) has a versatile magnet mount system which provides a stable and repeatable positioning at different, flexible angles. This mount can also be used with various instruments with magnetic surfaces.
  • STC4099 (Sax, Trumpet) has an innovative mounting mechanism which makes it easy to move the mic between instruments with one hand.
  • UC4099 (Universal) is great for attaching to slim bodied or unusually shaped instruments. The design of th eclip includes a hook-and-loop fastener strap which allows it to fit instruments of varying sizes and diameters such as the oboe, clarinet, bassoon, recorder and flute. The fastener strap pulls tight to fit the circumference of the instrument, like a wrist watch on your arm. On instruments of a large diameter, additional fastener straps can easily be added to extend the clip's reach. A revolutionary 90-degree system provides a wide range of mounting options.
  • VC4099 (Violin, Viola, Banjo, Mandolin) has a mounting mechanism that makes it easy to move the mic between instruments with one hand.

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