Electro-Voice COBREFLEX IIB Folded Sectoral Horn

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The Cobreflex IIB is an exponentially flared, reflex design for use in public address, paging, and voice warning systems. This reflex construction results in both compactness and high efficiency when combined with appropriate compression drivers.

The patented folded design features two separate air columns in a single assembly that virtually eliminates high-frequency phase cancellation present in re-entrant designs. The 80-degree horizontal by 60-degree vertical dispersion pattern is beneficial in many applications requiring a wide coverage pattern. Furthermore, excellent loading is maintained to a low-frequency cutoff of 250 Hz.

The Cobreflex IIB is constructed from a high-impact acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) with an ultraviolet inhibiting grey paint finish. A serrated positive-lock “U” mounting bracket is provided for maximum mounting flexibility and ease of installation.



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